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Fairy Tale to Murder

Fairy Tale to Murder tops the book lists with a story unbelievable for the natural mind to conceive!

Meet an intelligent, educated woman who marries a business tycoon in a smaller community suburb in the Midwest. The marriage starts out with a prenuptial agreement signed in order for her to raise their future children her Christian religion. The husband who has swept her off her feet shows his shady side with bizarre twists of behavior.

As local politics enters her husband’s life, the author finds herself waking up in their marital bed with bruises, small cuts, and skin abrasions and the feeling of being drugged! As she tries to address these strange happenings with a counselor, her husband escorts her to clear his name of any wrongdoing. To receive a small dose of prescribed medication, she is labeled “delusional.”

More bizarre evidence arises when her clothing is cut up, earrings are missing, and chicken feathers are found at the end of her bed. Why? Ask about her husband’s new love… Geoff.